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Welcome to NestonDomesticCleaningJobs.co.uk, the on-line recruitment portal for residential domestic cleaners in the Neston area.

NestonCleaningJobs.co.uk is owned by Maid2Clean (www.maid2clean.co.uk) a domestic cleaning agency in the residential domestic cleaning market. We always have domestic cleaning vacancies available throughout the Neston area.

NestonDomesticCleaningJobs.co.uk is where we recruit all of our cleaners to perform reliable cleaning in Neston. We are looking for honest, reliable and trustworthy individuals who would like to join our team and become a Maid2Clean Registered Cleaner. Only honest, reliable people need apply for any of our Neston domestic cleaning jobs. If you meet the standards we are seeking we will be able to provide you with the most local cleaning positions to you.  

Our clients seek Maid2Clean registered cleaners in all types of premises from Private flats, luxurious apartments to private detached houses, semi-detached homes as well as large Victorian terraced residences for domestic cleaning jobs in Neston.

Maid2Clean has provided work for many tens of thousands of domestic cleaners all over the UK since its first business commenced and constantly meets the demand of the domestic cleaning market and the client base it has today.    

About Us

Who is behind NestonDomesticCleaningJobs.co.uk ?

Maid2Clean was initially established as a partnership in 1993 and is now listed as a limited company. The business has been successfully franchised to more than 135 franchised businesses throughout the UK, Ireland and Canada. Master Licenses are currently sought in Malaysia, Australia and Africa. Right now though we’re focused on finding good cleaners for our Neston domestic cleaning jobs.

Maid2Clean believes itself to be the number 1, leading domestic cleaning agency in the market throughout the whole of the UK and has conducted well over 2 million cleans since it first commenced. Thousands of house cleaners rely on us for work every week and cleaners applying for Neston domestic cleaning jobs are no different.

NestonCleaningJobs.co.uk is the place that cleaners from Neston who are looking for part time work may apply for the position to work in private homes for domestic householders. We can help you find the closest Neston domestic cleaning jobs to you and offer you work within your home town. We offer cleaners the opportunity to find house cleaning work all over the UK. Predominantly the majority of our cleaning vacancies are domestic cleaning jobs in private residential houses but may require the occasional ironing or blitz clean.

Company history - Maid2Clean is a National and Global brand

To Apply for one of our Residential Cleaning Jobs Click here

As a registered Maid2Clean Cleaner in the Neston area, you are a part of the largest and most successful cleaning agencies in the country. We have hundreds of cleaners who we carefully allocate to our thousands of clients. We continuously advertise for good, honest, reliable cleaners to serve the requirements of the residential home owner.

All of our Neston domestic cleaners go through a vigorous cleaning job vetting procedure before they are registered and we make sure that we only take on the most reliable cleaners. Our cleaners are the heart of the business and without them we would have no clients. Therefore we make sure we have only the best.

Each week you will visit the same client to clean their home in the Neston area. You can build your client base up until your have the amount of hours that you require. Although we generally do not offer our cleaners more than 12 hours per week as this is a part time position and we want to make sure our clients are getting the best service from our Neston cleaners.

As you will be working in Neston residential homes in your area we are aware that you will be working each week in someone’s home in Neston. Therefore we know how important it is that we match the right cleaner with the right client. To do this we arrange for you to meet the client for a short interview before the first clean (for any of our Neston Domestic cleaning jobs) to make sure that you are both happy and that Maid2Clean feels that the right choice has been made.

We don’t only provide regular house cleaning to our clients but we also have a one off spring clean, known as a Maid2Blitz clean. We also offer an end of tenancy clean and the occasional commercial cleaning. At one point you may be required to service a blitz clean, depending on the type of Neston domestic cleaning jobs we have available.

As a Neston domestic cleaner, you will be paid directly by the client on the day of the cleaning job and the client will supply the cleaning materials and the cleaning equipment so you won’t have to carry anything with you.

We work on a star points system. All of our cleaners can increase their points by being honest, reliable, willing to work and working to a high standard. The more points you are rewarded the more clients you can take on and if your points reach as high as 9 you will be eligible for further training with the MaidVersity exam. This will show a high level of commitment from you as a cleaner and you will be able to go onto further training to become a registered interviewer/supervisor.

Just as your points can increase, they can also decrease if you are shown to be unreliable, untrustworthy and have an unwillingness to work. Maid2Clean does its utmost to ensure cleaners are not in this category.

About the Neston Residential and Domestic Cleaning jobs

Career Progression

If you would like to develop further with Maid2Clean then you can take the MaidVersity exam and enable experience to register as a cleaner Interviewer or supervisor.